Tours, workshops, catering & fun for groups & individuals

Welcome to the Forest Designed garden MEŽA DIZAINA DĀRZS, where nature meets art and innovation!

Whether you’re a group of friends, family, a travel company group or a simple passerby, we offer a unique and unforgettable experience that will add a spark to your imagination and creativity.

Furniture growers and tree-shapers will take you on a journey through our living gallery. You’ll witness the incredible process of shaping and growing living trees into chairs, chandeliers and even building structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also bring many environmental benefits.

In addition to the beauty of living furniture, you will learn many interesting facts and get to know individuals from the extensive and ancient history of the world of tree formation.

We offer – excursions, excursions with games and tasks for different age groups, catering, creative workshops, a place for your event, event hosting, wedding gates, etc., a picnic place, a campfire, etc.

Whether you’re a group of nature enthusiasts, art lovers, or looking for a unique team-building experience, our tours of the Arborsculpture and Furniture Orchard are perfect for you. We welcome schools, corporate groups, community organizations, and individuals of all ages to come and immerse themselves in the beauty of our living art.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will inspire and educate. Contact us today to schedule your tour in MEŽA DIZAINA DĀRZS and book a spot in our beautiful picnic area.

Tour types:


This tour takes 40-60min

You get to hear and see how this all started in this forest, take a short look in to the tree-shaping history, see all the growing furniture and find out our future plans and dreams for Forest Designed.

5 Eur per person

Tours for schools/camps etc

This tour takes 60-120 min (depends on the age of the pupil & Your wishes)

The tour includes all the SIMPLE TOUR elements + interactive elements &/or games adapted for the age of the pupil.

5 - 7 Eur per person

SIMPLE TOUR + campfire soup

Here is a great kit – a tour + tasty food

It takes up to 90min and You are fully satisfied – soul, mind & belly!

(It is possible to provide other different catering if necessary, just let us know.)

10 Eur per person

Creative workshop

You’ll get a chance to braid Your own garden decor! It will take 120min & You’re going to be a little bit of a tree-shaper Yourself!

ONLY – February, March & April!

Materials and teacher-guide included

30 Eur per person

Creative workshop for kids - Forest Medals

This is a great and educational possibility for kids to spend some quality time in nature and learn new skills by making medals with plant engravings! It takes 60min & all You need is in the price included.

( Adults can also apply for this if interested!)

5 Eur per person

In addition to any Tour you can

You can also book our garden for Your special event. Like a part of Your wedding day, anniversary, birthday or else - just ask us & we'll be happy to be a part of it!


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